Is College Worth It?

This will be a post about my open and honest opinion and experience with the higher education programs in America today.

First off,

College is an excellent idea.

For certain people who already have decided or feel strongly that they will pursue a career in one of the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Scientist
  • Economists
  • Etc.

If you know you want to work in a field where a degree is required then college is for you.

Now let’s talk about who college is NOT for:

  • The undecided
  • Those who hate school
  • Those who have no scholarship offers or financial aid


Let’s start with who college is for…

If you desire to be a doctor, lawyer or any specialty type job that requires college education then college IS FOR YOU.

However, if you are unsure of what you want to do, have no scholarship offers, and would have to apply for private loans then I would confidently say that COLLEGE IS NOT FOR YOU.

At least not right now. 

Just reconsider the options.

If you know who I am then you know I went to Rutgers and earned a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology with minors in criminology and psychology.

Why would a college graduate write a blog post about “Is College Worth It”?

And generally advise most people NOT TO GO!


Let me explain…

I graduated and have not used my degree. (Specifically)

I loved learning about my degree but I would not want to work as a police officer or social worker.

I really only went to college because:

  1. My mom never went to college, neither did my father.
  2. I had the grades to get in and rumor had it if you go to college you’ll be successful and get a good job with good benefits and live happily ever after.

My mom was usually a secretary or involved in clerical work before she had kids.

My father was a Newark police officer who worked a lot of OT to make ends meet.

Growing up money was always the argument and the issue, the center root of all problems and attitudes.

My mom started saving for my college education when I was about 9 years old after my father passed away from his battle with Leukemia.

Losing my dad at a young age had a direct effect on my life choices.

I thought it would be noble to follow my father and grandfather’s footsteps and become a police officer too. (Times have changed)

However, I had pretty good grades in high school and my mom knew I could get into college and land a legit job.

So me being a good little conformist I followed the plan.

The movies made college seem cool and being “in college” had such a cool mature ring to it.

Fast forward to my freshman year.

I committed to Husson University to play DIII lacrosse mainly because I knew I had a great chance at starting as a freshman since the program was only in its second year!

I went into college “undecided” but quickly chose criminal justice as my major and fell in love with it after my intro to criminal justice course.

Note: If you choose undecided you will have a broad range of crappy classes you probably won’t be interested in…

I loved my intro to criminal justice professor and I loved the smaller classrooms of a small college.

Fast forward to sophomore year.

I guess you could say I wasn’t too happy in Maine anymore and I decided to transfer to Rutgers where I would be closer to my friends, family and girlfriend. Plus I would get that big college feel I started to desire after seeing the same faces every day it. Small colleges began to feel like just a different high school.

Hindsight is a funny thing.

I feel it is very necessary to write about my experience because if I can help someone who is in the decision process, that would be awesome!

I know deciding what to do after high school graduation can be overwhelming and confusing.

The more college’s try to get everyone to go to them the less people will be availble for the more blue collar jobs that are extremely crucial to the economy.

The world still needs:

  • Garbage men
  • Farmers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • etc.

The main thing people have to realize is that college isn’t for everyone and by taking one year off after high school to organize your thoughts and figure out where you want to go from there is NOT A BAD THING.

In fact, I recommend taking a year off because you will grow so much.

If all of your friends are going to college and you don’t you can always visit them and see what it’s like.

Or you can pick their brains to see if you would like it or hate it.

If you feel like your missing out and you really want to go, then go.

If you like making money as your friends slowly sink into debt, then don’t go to college. Keep working and figure it out as you go.

It takes 4 years of full-time college to get a bachelors degree.

It takes the same amount of time to become an apprentice of an electrician.

Electricians make around 70k a year.

People that go to college and get a job typically start their salaries around 30-40k. And it took 4 years of schooling.

Yes I know people with degrees end up making more in the long run, but that data is from a different generation.

My overall point is this:

College is NOT the ONLY “next step”

Maybe for you, it’s a trade or tech school.

The internet is amazing and you can use it to learn anything you desire.

So like I said in the beginning of this post.

Unless you are trying to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant, etc.

Then you might want to take a second look at college.

It is an investment of:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. & Money

There are also no guarantees you will get a job out of college.

Time’s have changed.

When my mom was growing up, very few people went to college.

This generation it feels like 50% of graduates or more are going to college and schools are happy about this.

I agree, on paper, it sounds nice.

“Wow! 80% of this graduating class was accepted into a college.”

Well, I bet you the 20% that didn’t might be in a better position financially than those who went to college who most likely dropped out, changed their major, etc.

My financial situation at school:

My first year of school was paid for thankfully because of my mom.

However, the next four years at Rutgers cost me $80,000 in private and government loans…(Yes 4 years at Rutgers because some credits didn’t transfer)

I received loans with interest rates as low as 3% and as high as 12%.

Upon graduation, the only thing I heard from Rutgers was a phone call asking for a donation.

They never called to offer assistance finding a job, they never even called to see if I got one!

It’s been 2 years since I graduated and all Rutgers does is ask for more money…

All I do is work to pay off these loans and invest my time wisely.

Like growing this blog and my fitness website

This post was created to help anyone considering their options post-graduation with my insights and experience first hand.

I now follow my passions and it took me a trip to college to find it, but that’s how life goes.

The only advice I can give you is follow your bliss.

All the best,



Therapure Mini Plug in Air Purifier Review

Another one of my gadgets is the Envion Therapure mini air purifier.

I noticed that after spring time my window sills would be covered in a lime green coating of pollen!

I’m highly allergic to pollen and dust, so I figured if I got one of those Ionic purifiers my room would not only smell better, but the air would be cleaner and I would feel better!


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Where I will be from now on…

Update: Time Flies!

For the last 6 months, I have been working on creating Better Version Of Me Daily.

Forgive me for not posting as frequently here on Better Version of Me Daily, in the last 3 months.

Just this past May, an idea came to me to create a second website.

One that would be geared towards my true passion…BODYBUILDING!Working on my new fitness website with some friends.

I decided it would be an even better idea to create a team based website where there would be a few different coaches all providing information.

So ever since May I have been working on my new fitness website with some friends more so than Better Version Of Me Daily.

I will continue to post here for the main reasons I created this website.

I will provide mindset, finance, health and overall product reviews here on Better Version Of Me Daily so we can continue to grow and develop ourselves to our full potential. (If that’s even possible).

The fitness website is based on experience and tried and tested methods that myself and 4 other Coaches have proven to work for us,

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My Main 3 Vitamins

These Are My Big 3 Vitamins

After reading Gorilla Mindset which led me to Get Serious which led me to these three supplement recommendations that have changed my life.

Starting with…


Most people are deficient in magnesium and don’t even know it, but magnesium has a ton of vital roles that it plays to help the body function optimally. Don’t take my word for it go do some of your own research. My brother uses magnesium when he gets Restless Leg Syndrome.

However I can tell you first hand my

  • Sleep
  • Brain functioning
  • Mental clarity
  • Strength
  • & Recovery have all improved.

Vitamin D3

I take 2,000-4,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

My teeth are less sensitive and I haven’t been sick since I started using these supplements over a year ago! Most people that have an illness or deficiency are prescribed up to 10,000 IU of vitamin d3! This is a vital vitamin, but again do your own research.

Fish Oil- Omega 3

I wrote a blog post about the benefits of fish oil.

The main thing here is to concern yourself with omega-3.

I don’t eat seafood and while I do get some omega 3 in coconut oil it is not nearly enough to counter balance all the omega 6 and 9. I notice better sleep and memory when using fish oil.

Don’t be fooled by most fish oils that are low in Omega-3.

Also this specific brand I am recommending is the exact one I use and I rarely get fish burps.

Well there you have it my main 3 vitamins I take for optimal health!

Hope you enjoyed!

Comments or questions below as well as your top 3 vitamins of choice!




Get Serious

Get Serious

By Dr. Brett Osborn

Is it time for you to Get Serious?

I think so, and I’ll tell you why.

#1 The author Dr. Brett Osborn is a neurosurgeon.

#2 His body looks like that          —->

I think it’s safe to say he talks the talk and walks the walk.

Needless to say I read his book more than once and there is more value in this book than any other I have ever read.

Dr. Osborn gives you the inside scoop on health and fitness from a Doctor’s perspective.

All of his training and philosophies are based on science and they could save your life.

In fact, I now take these three supplements because of Dr. Osborn.

Overall I would rate this book 5/5.

I would absolutely recommend to a friend and I think it’s a great gift idea as well!

Anyone who reads this book MALE or FEMALE will have all the knowledge and information they need to transform their health and body to live a long strong healthy life.

Any questions comment below!

Hope you enjoyed!



Living Life Without Limits

I stumbled upon this video today when feeding my mind some positive information!

I wanted to share it with all of you!

10 Principles

  1. You Are What You Think About

  2. Set Goals

  3. Plan To Achieve Those Goals

  4. All You Have Is Today

  5. Never Give Up

  6. Education Never Ends

  7. Control Your Emotions

  8. Guard Your Time

  9. Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

  10. What You Project You Recieve

Keep becoming a better version daily!


Post About Infinite Waters

Meet Ralph Smart a psychologist, avid YouTuber and inspiration to me. I found “Infinite Waters” about a year ago and I’ve been watching his YouTube channel videos ever since.

He has a ton of YouTube videos and has been around for quite some time. He does not hold back anything.

He is 100% honest and gives you such clarity of mind after listening to one of his brief lectures.

He has also written a few books, I have yet to read but they are on my wishlist, in fact, I think I have a credit on audible right now…

This video is about the 10 surprising things that being alone does to you.

Rather than spoiling the video, I’m just going to let you watch it because… IT IS WORTH IT!

Have a wonderful day!

Keep becoming a better version daily!


Manifest Your Desires

manifest your desires

Today I woke up feeling pretty generous and I realized that I have not shared one of the most important YouTube videos I have ever watched!

The channel is called YouareCreators

They usually post about the law of attraction, visualization and the power of your mind.

It is a great source of positive information if you are participating in the Daily Rituals.

I like to use this meditation first thing in the morning to tune my mind for a great day.

Or at the end of a long day to reset and rest.

This is one of my favorite meditations for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is easy to understand.
  2. Easy to follow.
  3. Short.
  4. & It works.

It’s only about 10 minutes long, with a clear speaking voice and simple easy to follow directions.

The best part is that if you actively participate and focus on this meditation it WILL work for you.

I know this because I have tried it.

But don’t take my word for it…I encourage you to do the same.

Keep becoming a Better Version Daily!


Change Your Reality Video

This Is A Daily Dose of Mindset Motivation.

This is a summary highlight of the video above and below.


Listen to your:

  1. Feelings
  2. Highest thoughts
  3. & experience.

If you don’t you will keep reliving the same experiences over and over again.

We are always in the process of creating, every moment.

This whole universe is a big creation.

We are a 3-fold being:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

Another way to look at it is

  • Thought
  • Word
  • Action

Your soul is the sum feeling of every feeling you ever had.

We have a memory to reassembled the parts of us, only then will we remember who we were.

Everything we see is someone’s idea:

  • Trains
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Cell phones
  • Bikes
  • Computers

Everything we see is creation.

  • Everything we say is a thought expressed.
  • Words disrupt change and alter the universe with greater impact.
  • Actions are words moving.
  • Words are thoughts expressed.
  • We are always visualizing.
  • The key is to visualize and feel the outcomes you desire.
  • Use words and positive thoughts to your advantage.
  • You can always reverse a bad day by changing your thoughts.
  • It is as simple as thinking happy thoughts.

If you say something not in alignment with your grandest idea, make a note not to say it again.

If you do something not in alignment with your best intention, decide to make it the last of it.

I found this video to be very helpful with starting my day positively.

I don’t wake up every morning in the best mood, but as soon as I start saying things I am grateful for my mind quickly brightens up and I begin to start thinking more positively about my day.

My Daily Ritual of Journaling every morning has also helped me stay focused and consistent.

Go out there and get what’s yours!!